Commercial rack sales

At the time this site was created in 2001, the Internet had only a handful of surfboard rack websites, and it seemed reasonable to post a list of links to all of them I could find. Now, however (January 2007) there are literally hundreds of sites selling surfboard racks, and it is no longer practical for me to try to keep track of them all.

I will leave this list of links available here for anyone who wants them, but the list will no longer be maintained. Please do not send me any new links or corrections to old ones.

Aqua East Surf Shop--Wall and ceiling racks.
Beach Creations--Custom wall racks made of wood or metal.
Becker surf--"Sho off" wall racks and Rocky wall racks., display and shaper's racks.
Eckla Metalworks--Wall rack (listed as a "Windsurfer Solidrack" in the English version of the site).
The Fin-Guy--Fancy wood (oak, walnut, etc.) wall racks.
G-Force--Vertical, freestanding racks. Also bodyboard, snowboard, skateboard racks. and freestanding racks.
Harken Yacht Equipment--Pulley system for hoisting boats, windsurfers, etc. up to garage ceiling.
Hawaiian Gun Rack--Attractive wooden display racks., car, bicycle and scooter racks.
Mac Racks--Wooden wall racks.
Malibu Longboards--Wall "display" racks.
Pirie--Steel/aluminum wall racks (horizontal, vertical and "display" style) from Australia. Also custom racks.
Prong Surfboard Racks--A board stand for the beach; convertible to a wall rack.
Chanray Surfstore--British outlet for Prong surfboard rack.
Protec Board Racks--Australian board rack company. Lots of rack types for retail or home use.
The Rack Warehouse--Mostly racks for cars, but some storage racks.
Rocky Racks--Lots of different racks: vertical, horizontal, freestanding, wall, even ceiling racks.
Ron Jon--Carries the "Sho off" brand display rack. Note that a lot of other surf shops carry these; search in Yahoo! for "sho off". brands of wall racks. and multi-board wall racks, including weather-proof synthetic wood version.
Surfer's Warehouse--Wall racks.
Surf 'n' Rack--Wide range of rack types. wall racks, including the "Stikup" rack that glues to the wall(!). display racks. racks.
T-Rax--Horizontal and vertical wall racks. for "rack" to see the various kinds they sell.

Page last modified: January 27, 2007