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I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I work in oceanography with current-measuring radars, and I am also a gag writer for an internationally-syndicated cartoonist.

Maybe you'd be interested in seeing my designs for a plywood surfboard rack and a treadmill desk? Or perhaps you'd like to try an online tool for viewing still images as a movie.

In my abundant spare time, I write fiction. See my author page for more.

No, not THAT Kevin Bartlett

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. I was born in the mid-1960s. I studied Physics and History in university. I have worked in silviculture, commercial fishing, construction, food-services and retail. My current job is in Oceanography.

As far as I know, I have never been an Australian race-car driver, a musician who specializes in complex, multi-layered electronic symphonic compositions, or an Aussie-rules footballer...though I suppose it's possible I have simply forgotten.


I like to come up with designs for things that are both useful and easy to build.

My "Plyrack" plywood surfboard rack design has already proven popular in the almost 20 years (!) since I first posted it on the Web.

I'm hoping people will find my design for a treadmill desk useful as well.


My work involves a lot of programming in Matlab (or rather, it used to and may do again). You can see some of my code at The Mathworks.

I created, an online tool for viewing still images as a movie that works with any javascript-enabled Web browser.

Another tool I've created is a python class called AdaptiveTimeScale that allows users of matplotlib (the python plotting library) to generate plots of time-series data with tick labels on the x (time) axis that are compact, yet completely unambiguous. AdaptiveTimeScale is an alternative to matplotlib's autofmt_xdate().

My home page for all things programmy is at Bitbucket.

My regular job is for Ocean Networks Canada.

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